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Last sunday we spent the day taking pictures with photographer Andreas Aalto here in Gothenburg.


Our management Blindfoldead International‘s very own model/singer Cecilia ”Camuii” Olofsson did our make-up.


Even more make-up…


The sex appeal’s on top!


I (Oz) grabbed our very beautiful make-up lady and took a few shots including her as well (just because I can…. ehm…) Well, there’s no secret that I own and run our management company and Cecilia is my latest signing! She also sings in a theatrical rock band called Panorama! Check them out, you won’t be sorry! :)


And finally… look how beautiful we turned out!

Videos and even more photos from our adventures will pop up here soon! Keep your EYE open (seriously, I just had to do that)!

Live long and prosper,
Oz the Bozz

Songwriting etc…

To this day, we have about 18 songs written and in the process of being recorded. We are also in collaboration with some big names for a few songs… this album will be epic!

On sunday we’re about to take some new official band photos. Until then, keep your pants on!